Worldtelecams Helping Purple Heart Donations Program

Our society is facing such a time where many of us are enjoying our peaceful life while many people are struggling to live a life. These unfortunate people are leading homeless and hopeless lives. Our Purple Heart donations program is designed to help these unprivileged people and help them to lead a peaceful life.Purple Heart Donations

Purple Heart donations program take cars as donation from various people and use them to raise fund for the welfare of unfortunate people of the society who are leading a miserable life. This program is named after Reverend CHV who devoted her life for unprivileged people for nearly four decades. Donating in our program is a good way to do something for the society and be proud to help people.
Our donation program is destined to help people who are living in streets, suffering from lack of proper medical aid and leading a worthless life. We try to help these people with their basic needs, give them shelter, food and clothing as well as giving them a hope to live a life. We are helping the poor people of the community to lead a life with dignity.

Donating cars in our Purple Heart donations program from CHV is an easy process. All you have to do is to visit our website and fill up a form to donate your car. Once you have submitted the form we will mail you a confirmation page verifying your information. After that we will contact you to schedule the time and place of the car handover. We offer free pickup. Our professional towing company will go to your doorstep to pick up the car from your backyard.
You can donate any type of car or truck. We even collect cars that cannot run or junk cars. These cars will be sold to people to raise funds. Our donation is tax deductible. After we have received your car, we will issue you a tax deductible receipt. Your small contribution to our program can change the society and help some people to get a peaceful life.

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If you have a junk and old car in your garage, it is high time you should donate it to our Purple Heart donations program and contribute in the welfare of the poor and underprivileged people. As a good citizen and a conscious man in the society, you should come forward to help people in the community.

WorldTelecams Show You How to Donate Cars For Helping Veterans?

For a nation nothing is more important than its independence and sovereignty and those who defend the country from the outside world are the heroes of the country. But after any war, many war veterans have to live a miserable life. Like now, more than 200,000 US war veterans are living without a shelter under the sky. Its our duty to help these people who have uphold the independence of the nation and helped us to lead a peaceful life. Your small donation into cars helping veterans program can help the war veterans to restart a new life with dignity.

Donate Used CarThe number of people living in streets is increasing day by day. But the worst part is most of these homeless people are war veterans. These people have sacrificed their whole lives for the nation and now lead a miserable homeless life. That’s why, we have come up with a new program which will help these war veterans to restart their lives through various organizations. Our cars helping veterans program is a way by which you can help these people. We take car donations from people who are interested. Many people have an unused or old car in their junkyard. They can donate these cars to us.

We sell the cars to raise highest possible funds from them. Then we use the money to support organizations that help the war veterans with food, clothing, shelter and medical aid. These organizations around the country help to end the homeless lives of our war veterans and purple hearts.

Donating cars to our cars helping veterans program is a very easy process. All you need to do is to fill up our registration form with your address. After that, we will contact you to know the details of car collection process. Our towing company will go to your doorstep and collect the car and give you a donation receipt. The towing of the car is absolutely free and our donation program is 100% tax deductible. So, you don’t need to worry after you have decided to donate in our cars helping veterans program.

Your small donation can have a great impact to the lives of many veterans. Without your support the lives of these people are miserable. As a good citizen of the nation, you must come forward to aid these people and help in this cars helping veterans program. We promise you that you donated cars will be used to collect as high amount as possible for the fund of the program and will be used to help war veterans in the right way.